Monday, June 22, 2009

Karma: Chapter 03 The Gossip’s Gossip

Karma kept the baby’s cribs close to the kitchen so she could keep an eye on them while they slept and while she cleaned around the house. She felt overprotective although so far they were healthy.


She finally found the courage to leave them with Gyll while she returned to work. Not that she didn’t trust Gyll, she just wanted to be around them constantly.

[Her career suddenly says that she is an Education Minister, although she doesn’t have a whole lot of skills yet. It skipped some promotions. And her LTW says Education Minister, but she is not Platinum. I don’t know what this glitch is all about.]


Gyll loved taking care of the twins. They were good babies. He just found it a bit overwhelming when both wanted their feedings at the same time or needed a diaper change.


He soon realized that he needed help, but Karma refused to hire a Nanny. She had been raised with a Nanny and had bad memories of it.


He finally called Melissa, his coworkers, and she agreed to stop by at times to give him a hand with the twins.


Karma has more surgery done to her face, some minor tweaking and the biggest one for her was fixing her eyes. The surgeon was able to make them seem smaller. She was so happy and ecstatic with the result that she had a new hairstyle. She no longer wanted to hide her eyes with her bangs anymore.


She had a lot of calls from reporters wanting to do interviews. She declined them all, but then decided to do one with People magazine. She wanted to show that the was help and hope out there for those who desperately needed it.


She was pleased to see how People magazine had laid out her story. They had also interviewed the surgeons and with hers and the surgeons consents, showed a lot of pictures of the before and after and the procedure. The only thing she didn’t like was that they printed that it had changed her life, as if to imply that she hadn’t been happy before the operation. When in fact she had met the love of her life at the time. However, people who’d take the time to read the whole interview will see that.


She received a lot of phone calls after that from people she didn’t know who were either born disfigured or were left disfigured after an illness or an accident. She tried to help them and steer them in the right direction. However, all the calls she received to make more interviews, she declined. She hated to spend more time away from her babies.


She didn’t want to become famous, she just wanted a simple, normal life with her family. Gyll supported her in any decisions she made. She felt she was the luckiest woman in the world.


Karma hired a young girl to babysit the twins, but she wanted to test her out before she’d leave her alone with them, so she stayed home and did her own stuff while the sitter took care of the babies.


She still wasn’t comfortable leaving the twins with a sitter, so she decided she and Gyll would take turns taking a day off from work until the babies were a little older.


Karma started working out to loose the fat she had gained during the pregnancy.


The twins were growing so fast. They both have their father’s blue eyes. They love to dress them the same way, although they are not identical.


Karma even likes to have their hair cut the same way.


They look less alike when they are sideways. Lacey’s nose is flat like when Karma was born. Sapphire’s nose is growing normally.


They are just like any other toddlers. They both love to play and laugh and Karma and Gyll enjoy spending time with them.


Karma and Gyll hadn’t taken the twins out in public much yet, so one day they decided to bring them out. They really had a lot of fun. They enjoyed each others company and didn’t care about having some people stare at the girls.


They family outing was soon turned into a nightmare by the media. The paparazzi had followed them and took pictures of them and sold them to the Enquirer, whom in turn made up wild stories about them. Karma didn’t understand why they would lie like that about her and her husband. She wished she hadn’t agreed to do the interview with People magazine. What had they ever done to deserve this?